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Thursday, June 3, 2010


I was gonna make a DBZ wallapaper of Kaioken but saw that there was already an amazing one so I decided to just add more to it I put in more images and blended them into the background.

Cool Word Text Tutorial I Did

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010


I thought that I had posted my Goanimate but I'm not sure anymore but just to be safe I will post it here again one more time.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lyric Story

Dead Man Walking

His skin warmed as the flames from the burning village licked across the air de voiding the air of oxygen, taking an inhale of breath he felt his lungs burn as the smoke rushed through him. His eyes swept across the devastation that had been laid across the people of this unsuspecting village. They had given no warning to the people; they washed across them like a locust bearing fire. There was no resistance no shots returned; simply an unjustified slaughter, There would be no one to bury the dead. Sometimes he wondered just how sadistic his commanders really were but then again it wasn’t his job to think his job was annihilation and today he did one hell of a job.

“Pack it in boys time to go back to camp.”

One Week Later

Solemnly they trudged back through the hellish uneven terrains wearily looking out for any foxholes or camouflaged Charlie. As they crested a hill the man turned his eyes back taking in the catastrophe that he and his men had left in their wake, black clouds of smoke still billowed out from behind the tree line that barred the village they had just torn asunder from sight. As the smoke lifted up he could hear the assault of voices in his head of those he had killed in a tongue that he did not know but none the less understood alas the voices fell on deaf ears as he already had his back to the destruction and continued the march back to base camp where he could enjoy a nice restful sleep.

Three Weeks later

The sharp toe of a boot dug into his ribs as he ruefully left the blanket of sleep.

“Wake up ol’e Dead Eyes, were moving out.” When the jabbing continued Dead Eyes stopped feigning sleep and caught the man’s boot on the next attempt. Eyes blearily stared up to the man whose foot he held tightly only to be greeted by a smirk.

“I’d hate to be the Charlie who thinks they can get a jump on you.” With a snort Dead Eyes released the man’s foot and rolled over to face the other side.

“What’s the point it’s properly just another village to raze, another stain on our soiled hands.”

This time it was the other mans turn to snort.

“And since when did you develop a conscious.” An awkward silence filled the near desolate bunker till finally Dead Eyes gravelly voice broke it.

“When I realized I had more in common with the dead than the living.”

Four Months Later

Another day, another routine mission, his troop idly sat by in the bunker on standby after their latest mission. “One day you’re going to get yourself and us killed Dead Eyes, the way you’re doing this missions it’s as if you don’t care if we come back alive or dead.” All the troops in the bunker solemnly agreed they had indeed done their latest mission with barely any caution.

“Were still walking aren’t we?” Dead Eyes reinforced his indifference to the situation as he cupped the back of his head with his hands and leisurely turned to the side.

“Yeah were still walking and were alive but you, you mine as well be dead the way you’re doing things lately.” A sardonic laugh resonated from Dead Eyes bunk “Oh yes, a dead man walking.”

8 hours later

The forest came to live as splinters flew across the air as bullets slammed into trees. The ground became fertilized by the blood of his enemies and his allies. The ground shook as a fragmentation grenade detonated nearby sending dirt all over the area. The battle had been an unsuspected one, the Charlie were good at that kind of thing popping in out of foliaged areas and taking them by surprise was a common occurrence now a days. Dead Eyes eye’s slowly took in what happened not feeling any difference in emotion whether his eyes found a dead body of the people who had been the only people he had contact with for the past couple of months or that of the enemy. His eyes came to rest at the corpse that lay at his feet. Bending down he gazed into the man’s glazed over white eyes.

“Well old friend it seems we have more in common now than we ever did, the only difference between me and you is that I’m still walking.” The sounds of the Charlie reinforcement roused him from his silent inspection of the corpse. “Well old friend I’m off to get the final nail in my coffin” brandishing his weapon Dead Eyes walked towards the oncoming Charlie and into a world of fire and lead.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Song lyrics

So far I am thinking about doing mine off the song Dark Saga by Iced earth

I feel like the lyrics give good inspiration and even set up a gernal plot line to use a video with the lyrics is below and under it a link with just the lyrics.

I am also leaning towards a song that I have just recently began to listen to. Though the actually singing of the song most likely won’t cater to everyone’s taste I find the gruesome lyrics to be quite inspirational for writing a story which has a darker intent than most. The Song’s name is Dead Man Walking by Bloodsimple

Monday, May 10, 2010

May Project

I am currently undecided on what project to do. I would like to do the my life project but I fear that I have a lack of photos with me in them in order to make the video actually work. If possible I would like to make a video and instead of just using photos of me in them use photos of things that defined my life as I grew up. Such as put photos of things that played a major role in certain times of my life such as a show that I always watched or a video game that I spent the majority of my time on something like that. The animate project seems like it would be pretty easy and that the only hard part would be coming up with a story. I would have liked to make the story that me and my group had just written into an animated story but it is most definitely not PG. Also for the life story video I feel like having it done without pictures of say your graduation would seem unfitting I think it would be nice to have the video end with photos of you graduating wrapping up the whole chapter of high school.